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Nigel Farage has warned there is rising public concern about immigration partly because people believe there are some Muslims who want to form “a fifth column and kill us”, and that there has never before been a migrant group that wants to “change who we are and what we are”.

One of the most frustrating aspects of immigration is how long it takes to get approved. This is particularly so in spousal sponsorship cases. For example, let’s say an American marries a Canadian. Where do they stand in terms of processing times for their cases?

Despite a decrease in illegal border crossings, summer months are expected to bring an uptick in numbers.

After studying in France, Spain and China, Faiza Hajji, telecommunications engineer, is the first Moroccan to integrate the entrepreneurship program "Start-Up" in Chile, thanks to her strong extensive experience in microfinance and development in Mexico, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

The Reuters news agency based in New York has granted the Award for Best photography to Youssef Boudlal.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 13:03

Balancing Islam and Middle School in Queens

Somewhere between stepping off the school bus and climbing into the go-kart, Sandra Ibrahim, 14, took off her pink hijab. She was on a trip to an indoor amusement park in New Rochelle, N.Y., with her Islamic weekend school, surrounded by other Muslim children, parents and teachers. She knew the adults would like her to keep the head scarf on. But there she was, zooming along the track, her dark brown ponytail swinging freely behind her.

After President Obama in November announced plans to shelter millions of people from the threat of deportation, immigration officials wasted no time in carrying them out.

Immigration authorities said Monday that they arrested 2,059 foreigners who were convicted criminals during a five-day nationwide operation in early March, including more than 1,000 people who had committed felonies, among them 58 gang members and 89 sex offenders.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond believes that European countries will help to curb the number of immigrants who come to Britain.

Eight suspected illegal immigrants have been released on bail after they were allegedly found banging against the walls of a trailer.

In an interview with the Arabic daily "Al Massae", the Secretary General of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), Mr. Abdellah Boussouf, said that the political participation of the Moroccans of the world is in the hands of the legislative and executive organs refuting criticism addressed to the CCME on this matter.

On March 12th and 13th, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center will host the inaugural Berber Film Festival, a two-day event celebrating the Amazigh (Berber and Tuareg) cultures of North Africa. Selection for shorts, documentaries and feature with English subtitles. Films followed by Q&A sessions.

This exhibition traces back the realities of women who came to settle in France from the early twentieth century to the present. A selection of archival documents can show the issues raised by immigration in France and the contributions of women to advance equality and living together.

Voluntary evacuation of Moroccan nationals fleeing the violence in Libya continues with the support of the monitoring unit set up by the Moroccan authorities and was able to evacuate a total of 5730 Moroccans until March, 5th.

Swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected proposals on Sunday to boost gold reserves and impose strict new curbs on immigration, averting a potential nightmare for policymakers struggling with a popular backlash against the country's open borders.

Top immigration officials said Monday that the U.S. rounded up about 2,000 people who had been convicted of crimes and are living in the country illegally, an announcement made in part to show that agents are still aggressive about enforcement at a time of declining deportations.

A growing number of German lawmakers from across the political spectrum agree on one thing: It’s time for the country to be a little more like Canada.

A new research project is measuring what issues are dominating the discussion of the UK public as the general election nears.

Several potential Republican nominees for president converged on the Iowa Agricultural Summit to lay out their message and position themselves for a general election race in 2016. While several potential candidates laid out their position on illegal immigration, ranging from enforcement of existing laws to amnesty for illegal aliens, only a few spoke on legal immigration.

Athens - Greece has long been a destination and transit point for migrants from Senegal to Pakistan because of its long coastline with numerous islands as well as its border with Turkey beckoning migrants from Asia.

Official figures show 187,370 Romanians and Bulgarians were given National Insurance numbers over the course of 2014 after immigration rules were relaxed, up from 27,700 during the previous year

Two decades after the end of the Balkan conflict, a three-year spasm of ethnic and religious bloodletting that came to define modern-day genocide, the war in Bosnia is still being fought in the United States.

The rift over immigration in the emerging Republican presidential field opened up publicly Saturday, as several potential candidates called for enforcement of existing laws while former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham said those living in the U.S. illegally should have a path to legal status.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Culture jointly issued a Notice on the Relevant Formalities for Foreigners Entering China for Completing Short-Term Work Assignment (for Trial Implementation) ("Notice") on 6 November 2014 which provides for new visa and residence requirements on foreigners entering and staying in China for work for no more than 90 days. The Notice has become effective since 1 January 2015.

Immigration chiefs are launching a crackdown on sham marriages after it was revealed around 11 fake weddings are reported by registrars every week.

Opponents of immigration reform in Congress insist that repealing the president's actions will not only roll back executive overreach, but also benefit the middle class. More legal workers, they claim, have led to stagnant wages. But they are wrong. Since 1980, Americans have faced less competition for jobs from new workers — foreign and domestic.

Australia’s Prime Minister has hit back at allegations of systemic torture in the country’s immigration system by telling the United Nations that Australians are “sick of being lectured” on the subject.

She’s now one of the few journalists from Morocco who are active in the Dutch media. Touria Ahayan, managing editor within the SBS, one of the major television networks in the Netherlands, is to be admired for having a 20 -year long career and making it into the closed world of Dutch media.

A tribute was paid Saturday night in Rabat, to 51 women journalists working in different media in the four corners of the world, in the presence of many MPs, government officials and many artists including Hanane El Fadili who performed on the occasion.

Irregular arrivals of migrants in Europe from Morocco increased slightly in 2014. More than 6,000 migrants have entered illegally in the EU via certain migratory routes of the Western Mediterranean (Morocco and Algeria), according to Frontex.

The European Union is immersed in a full-fledged migration crisis.

European Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans added that actual stronger economic growth in Europe - not just talk about it – would be vital to winning over the British public.

The European commission is planning to establish immigrant-processing centres outside the EU for the first time, in a radical policy departure aimed at stemming the movement of hundreds of thousands of people across the Mediterranean.

West Windsor— Close to 100 township workers and emergency responders attended a symposium hosted by the West Windsor Police Department focused on learning about Islam and Muslim culture, police said.

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration asked a federal judge in Texas to decide by Monday whether he will put on hold his prior decision to block the White House's executive orders on immigration, or at least limit the impact to Texas.

 HOUSTON, TX -- Asia Society Texas Center is excited to announce its upcoming exhibition, The Other Side: Chinese and Mexican Immigration to America. Featuring six contemporary artists, the exhibition explores recurring issues of immigration, border relations, and labor practices that have persisted throughout U.S. history and remain timely today. The exhibition will be displayed in Asia Society Texas Center's Louisa Stude Sarofim Gallery from March 28, 2015 through July 19, 2015.

In a recent book published by "The Points On The I" Claire Champenois, French journalist and Catherine Bendayan, Franco-Moroccan photojournalist, give voice to 17 French women of Arab origin who recount their childhood courses to fame.

Nearly 274,000 illegal immigrants entered the EU in 2014, against about 100,000 in 2013, says the European Agency for border surveillance (FRONTEX), based in Warsaw.

Moroccan researcher Rajaâ Cherkaoui El Moursli was chosen, along with four other women of science, to receive the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science in its 2015 edition.

The new migration policy initiated by HM King Mohammed VI "is already bearing fruit," said Wednesday in Geneva the Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), William Lacy Swing.

New York public schools will add two Muslim holidays to their vacation calendars, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday, a promise he made during his election campaign.

The European Commission has started work on a new European migration policy, just one day after a new tragedy off the coast of Sicily claimed the lives of 10 migrants.

Newly-released figures show that the number of asylum seekers in January was only one fifth of what it was in September, while just three individuals from Eritrea applied for refugee status compared to over 500 in July.

UKIP would remodel the UK's immigration system to resemble the Australian points based system in an effort to get immigration "back to normal", said party leader Nigel Farage.

LEICESTER, England — Thabata Martins says she sent out her résumé more than 100 times in the year after finishing her studies to become a nurse in Spain in 2013.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has announced plans to double the number of university courses teaching Islam, in an effort to counter the rise of Islamic extremism and far-right extremism.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she wants to examine plans for a sweeping reform of Germany's immigration laws proposed by one of her coalition partners, at the same time rejecting talk of a split in her government on the issue, dpa reported.

The Ghana Immigration Service has attributed the increase in migration of Ghanaians to the Gulf States and other western countries for greener pastures to economic hardships in Ghana.

Houston- A coalition of states suing to stop President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration asked a federal judge Tuesday not to lift a temporary hold on the directives.

Nigel Farage has dropped Ukip’s plan to cap immigration at 50,000 arrivals a year, saying his policy is now just a return to “normality”.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI presides over a model of religious tolerance, otherness and living together, as evidenced harmony that characterizes the relationship between Moroccans of Jewish and Muslim faiths, stressed former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Morocco has 4 women ranked in the top 100 list of the most powerful Arab women, determined by Arabian Business magazine every year for the past five years.

Belgium’s Deputy-Prime Minister and Foreign Minister expressed on Monday in Geneva his country’s interest in learning from Morocco’s Imam training experience.

Discrimination against children of immigrant descent in France, particularly in the labor market has always been a fact highlighted by numerous studies. A new report addresses the fundamental issue and shows how the crisis has worsened it.

A Muslim organization has launched a cross-Canada outreach campaign called Meet a Muslim Family, in order to help dispel myths about the religion.

Congress is facing a Friday deadline that would furlough 30,000 unessential workers from the Department of Homeland Security and force the rest of the massive agency to work without a paycheck. The shutdown battle is being waged largely over immigration policy – even though new data suggests the U.S. public as a whole doesn’t share the passion of hardcore conservatives who want to defund Obama’s executive action granting up to 5 million illegal immigrants protection from deportation.

As Florida lawmakers made a last-minute fundraising push on Monday, a group of activists gathered outside the Governor's Club to support immigration reform.

A Texas judge says a coalition of states suing to stop President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration has until Monday to respond to a request by the U.S. government to lift a temporary hold of Obama's orders.

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville, Texas, set the deadline in a court order he issued Tuesday.

A federal judge last week approved a settlement between the federal government and attorneys for nine undocumented-immigrant plaintiffs who accused the federal government of using deceptive and sometimes coercive tactics to expel them from the country. The settlement allows hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of expelled immigrants to return to the United States to seek legal status.

A rally in support of President Barack Obama's executive order on immigration drew about 300 people on Sunday to the Hope Community Center in Apopka.

House Republican leaders vowed Sunday to keep trying to block President Barack Obama ’s immigration measures as they continue to struggle over how to keep funding the Homeland Security Department.

The Government’s tough rhetoric on immigration is alienating migrant communities and causing “new forms of racism” to break out across the country, a major study will warn today.

The leader of the UK Independence Party is promising a breakthrough in the May parliamentary elections.

Ken Clarke has agreed to leave his role as Justice Secretary but is likely to remain in the Government

The fight against anti-Semitism is inseparable from that against Islamophobia, said Thursday night in Bordeaux André Azoulay, Advisor to the King of Morocco.

Probably the latest incarnation of the questioning of the migration literature, migrant scriptures are as a representation of the in-between. 

Clashes have broken out in Rome on the eve of a rally by Italy's right-wing Northern League party, during a counter-protest by activists opposed to the party's anti-immigrant stand.

Moroccan immigrants who have managed to set up a business in Italy totaled 60,000 entrepreneurs, double the number of Albanians and far exceeding their Tunisian and Egyptian counterparts, according to data provided at an international conference in Rome.

As the Republican Congress tried this week to get itself out of the box it put itself in, President Obama was in Miami, aggressively ratcheting up the political pressure on the GOP on the issue underlying the standoff over funding the Department of Homeland Security — immigration. Here are three reasons why the president is winning this fight:

The Hispanic population in the U.S. will have a significant impact on job growth over the next 20 years, and South Florida will play a key role in that job spurt, says a new national study.

Children in immigration detention should be held for no longer than three days, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has said in a new position statement.

ASHEVILLE – Paying for college is tough for most anyone. But for Melvis Madrigal and students like him, it's even more challenging.

On immigration reform, rhetoric has often been out of sync with public opinion. Despite roughly three-quarters of Americans supporting the goals behind President Obama’s executive action on immigration, Obama’s new immigration plan has run into repeated Republican roadblocks. Republican governors in 26 states are suing the Obama administration, claiming that the order exceeded Obama’s authority.

David Cameron will go into the May election with net migration to the UK three times as high as he promised at the 2010 election, official figures revealed today.

The Conservatives have failed spectacularly to deliver their pledge to reduce net migration to less than 100,000 a year.

The U.K.’s net migration has risen to its highest level for almost a decade, which is contrary to what Prime Minister David Cameron had pledged; cutting net annual migration to the tens of thousands, close to a national election.

The Association of Researchers and Migration in Development in collaboration with the Regional Observatory on Migration - Space & Companies ORMS and with the support of the Ministry of Moroccans Resident Abroad and Migration Affairs, organize the third edition of the festival 'Almougar Nin Imouda’ under the theme "Perspectives on the concept of integration," from February 27 to March 1, 2015, in Agadir.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve proposed a plan Wednesday aimed at promoting a better dialogue with France's Muslim community that includes training imams at university.

Bavaria is renowned for its world-famous 'Oktoberfest' which attracts hundreds of thousands of foreigners each year. Last week, however, the Christian Social Union (CSU), which rules the state, made clear that only a certain type of foreigner is welcome to stay for longer: Those who speak German.

The association "For the French-Moroccan friendship" will organize in partnership with the Embassy of Morocco in France, Royal Air Morocco, the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad and the City of Arles, a Moroccan Cultural Week.

The INSEE survey indicates an increase in the immigrant population from 2009 to 2012, mainly due to the arrival of Europeans.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 15:18

De-link Islam from Terror: Canadian Muslims

CAIRO – A semantic battle over the use of language linking Islam to terrorism has been raging recently in Canada, as the country Muslim community called on federal government to stop using these terms which demonize the whole community.

Residents living in an area of Southampton shown in the controversial programme Immigration Street have said it has left the community "fractured" and fearing a backlash.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 14:53

Govt raps extremists for ‘hijacking Islam’

The Kingdom has intensified efforts to counter extremist groups locally and abroad who are attempting to hijack Islam, the Cabinet said here on Monday.

The United States' long-time policy of automatically granting residence to Cubans who step foot on U.S. soil will not change "any time soon."

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 14:45

Scots-Romanians angry at immigration documentary

The Romanian community in Scotland has hit out at a controversial Channel 4 documentary which focused on poverty stricken gypsy immigrants looking for a better life in the UK.

The U.S. government said the spouses of skilled foreign tech workers with H-1B visas will be able to apply for worker permits of their own starting on May 26. Above, IBM employee Yang Bo shakes hands with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry after being the first Chinese citizen to be issued a ten-year visa in November. Jason Lee/Reuters

Douglas Carswell says immigration has helped Britain thrive as Ukip leader pushes for points-based system to ensure immigrants can support themselves.

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced a new proposal Monday to block President Obama’s immigration orders, redirecting his party’s strategy in an attempt to avoid a funding lapse for the Department of Homeland Security.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 14:41

Uncertainty dogs Obama’s immigration plans

Washington: US President Barack Obama faces a tough political and legal battle to drive through an amnesty for five million illegal immigrants, but uncertainty may prove as big a hurdle as Congress or the courts.

“Moroccan immigration in Belgium, memories and destinies” was published this Tuesday, February 24, 2015 published by "Couleurs vives" editions, at the initiative of the Free University of Brussels, and was jointly directed by Ahmed Medhoune, Sylvie Lausberg, Marco Martiniello and Andrea Rea.

The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad wrapped up this Sunday, February 22, 2015, its seventh participation in the Casablanca book and edition fair (SIEL).

Early in the summer of 2007, a doctoral student named Mehnaz M. Afridi traveled from her California home to a conference in southern Germany. Her official role was to deliver a paper on anti-Semitism in Egyptian literature, a rather loaded subject for a Muslim scholar. Seventy miles away, she had another appointment, and an even riskier agenda.

The lack of diversity among this year's Oscar acting nominees (all 20 are white) and the perceived lack of opportunity for minorities in Hollywood generally were subjects of criticism in the run-up to the ceremony. And in their acceptance speeches, some of the winners broadened the discussion to income inequality, incarceration and immigration.

Obama administration seeks to reverse Texas judge's immigration ruling


The Obama administration moved Monday to reverse a federal judge’s order in Texas that blocked a White House plan to shield up to 5 million immigrants from deportation.

SYDNEY--Australia will strengthen its immigration laws and crack down on groups that incite hatred under a raft of counterterrorism measures introduced Monday in a bid to combat the threat from home grown terrorists.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 11:33

Hungarian PM Demands Tougher Immigration Law

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Antal Rogán, leader of the political party Fidesz, have called for tightening immigration laws in their country, the website reports.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Most children who are currently held in Australian immigration detention facilities will be released soon, Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection Secretary Michael Pezzullo said Monday at a Senate committee.

Through his “white card”, journalist Mustapha Tossa invited to the debate on the question of "Daesh, the new terrorism, the internet and social networks" Anne Giudicelli, a specialist in the Arab and Muslim world and founder of the Terr( o) risk platform and Hosni Abidi, Director of the Centre for Studies and Research on the Arab and mediterrean world in Geneva.

The Franco Moroccan philosopher Ali Benmakhlouf held on Sunday, February 23, 2015 a conference on his latest book "Why read the Arab philosophers" at the CCME pavilion on the sidelines of the book fair and the edition which comes to an end today.

A tribute was paid to the women of the first generation of Moroccan emigration in view of their essential role in educating and mentoring generations of Moroccan immigrants who were able to succeed in their host country and win the challenge of integration
A warm atmosphere in which the CCME offered to the eleven celebrated mothers a journey to make the pilgrimage to Mecca at the expense of the council, something which has greatly moved them.

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