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Rapidly growing numbers of black immigrants have reshaped the overall black population in the United States in recent decades, particularly in Washington and other cities with large U.S.-born African American communities, a new report says.
What many of Gloria Chacon’s young clients don’t know is that she spent her high school years living here illegally.
A Senate committee voted without fanfare Wednesday to advance two immigration-related proposals, paving the way for a floor debate.
With Muslim immigrants streaming into the United States at a rate of 100,000 per year, some of the communities targeted for new arrivals are seeking information on their new neighbors, only to be frustrated by federal bureaucrats and their hired contractors.

President's Immigration Plan in Limbo

Thursday, 09 April 2015 21:11
President Obama's plan to keep immigrants from being deported continues to be blocked by a federal judge in Brownsville.
A campaign group is making a case for immigration in the UK, saying it is "gravely concerned" by politicians' rhetoric on the issue.
April 9, 2015 Immigration activists made two things clear when they signed a petition asking Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president: They want a contested primary, and their support for Hillary Clinton isn't a given.
So far, no issue has divided the GOP more heading into 2016 than immigration. Candidates primed to court the right like Scott Walker are tacking right, while candidates out to court Latino voters and business leaders like Jeb Bush are tacking left.
The number of illegal immigrants trying to get into Germany has reached a record high, according to newly released figures.
The majority of US voters think their government should be more aggressive about deporting illegal immigrants, dislike automatic citizenship, and oppose President Obama’s amnesty plan, a new survey shows.
Labour has found common cause with big business in opposing a referendum on membership of the European Union, but both exaggerate the economic risks of such a vote
Advanced industrialized societies are slowly dying because of low fertility rates. The rates reflect the perceptions of women in these societies of how their lifestyles will be affected by having children.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to escalate, with rising military, economic and social costs. In the last year, thousands of people have been killed in the fighting in Eastern Ukraine, with over ten thousand injured and almost one million Ukrainians displaced. Indeed, the conflict marked its one year anniversary with reports of more Ukrainian soldiers being killed.
SACRAMENTO -- Slamming the Republican Congress for dropping the ball on immigration reform, Democratic legislative leaders on Tuesday unveiled a sweeping package of bills that would dramatically expand protections for illegal immigrants far beyond what's offered by any other state.
Several Peruvian clubs could face stiff penalties for fielding foreign players without obtaining work permits, immigration and tax officials said on Tuesday.
The report supports the Obama administration’s plans to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation
Almost half a million undocumented immigrants in California applied for driver’s licenses since a state law took effect at the beginning of the year. The number of applications was double what the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) had projected by this point in the year, according to a DMV announcement.
Starting in May, the spouses of some immigrant tech workers, whose visas haven’t allowed them to work in the U.S., may be able to apply for work permits under President Obama’s executive order on immigration.
A federal judge in Texas denied a Justice Department request Tuesday to lift his temporary hold on President Obama's executive action shielding potentially millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.
Malta is “positively considering” an Italian proposal for the establishment of asylum processing centres outside the European Union, the home affairs minister has told MaltaToday.
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