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Money transfers to Morocco by Moroccan expats continue to grow despite the ongoing economic crisis. The ministry in charge of Moroccans living abroad has unveiled interesting figures: this year, the total amount transferred is close to 60 billion dirhams, an increase of 7.6% over the previous year.

Another day, another death trap in the Mediterranean. We thought 2014 was bad: a record death toll, a surge in arrivals on European shores – and notably record numbers saved by the Italian search-and-rescue mission that plied 30,000 square miles of sea, fishing hundreds out of the water every day.

 “There are British Muslim girls who believe they will go to paradise if they marry a jihadist,” Souad Talsi tells me frankly. “Being married to a man who becomes a martyr gives her status. That dangerous view is reinforced by mothers who have been absorbed by a blanket fundamentalist Muslim mentality that has no bearing on the beliefs and cultures of their country or parents.

Amsterdam — Something snapped. I was 13 years old, dreaming of books and girls and nothing else — a healthy Dutch kid with a Moroccan background who freewheeled through life. Then something happened that made me feel different from the pack.

Twelve people were massacred in Paris on Wednesday merely for expressing their opinion through art. Many might not like the art that prompted the carnage. They may consider it obscene and even an attack on their faith. But in the 21st, 15th or 57th century - whatever your religion, calendar, or country - there is no excuse or justification for responding to art with murder.

IOM has chosen this year Morocco to celebrate International Migrants Day. This is a strong sign lavished by the international organization for Morocco, both a country of emigration and a land of immigration.

"They are not refugees, they are all illegal immigrants" is the phrase most often pronounced as a kind of mantra by several anti-immigration politicians, mostly by the Lega and in general by critics of migration as we talk about disembarking.

Although no one had imagined the creation of an Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant by an initially small minority group nor imagined the restoration of the old institution of the Caliphate (abolished by Atatürk in 1924 ) Daech and the caliphate of Al-Baghdadi are not epiphenomena. What is happening nowadays is to be taken seriously, as much as the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and the Islamic revolution of Khomeini in Iran. It is a sustained movement that the international military coalition that is taking place will fail to eradicate. They could kill Al-Baghdadi, but another caliph will arise because the ability to restore the caliphate is engrained in many spirits.

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