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Amal Bennaim was born in London to parents from Casablanca. She currently resides in Antananarivo in Madagascar. She studied in London, first at the French Lycée Charles de Gaulle, then at King's College London where she obtained in 2002 a degree in Science "Nutrition and Dietetics".
Zineb Mouline is an assistant professor of organic chemistry at Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan. The young Moroccan prodigy is part of the select coterie of scientists controlling the separation of greenhouse gases.
Khadija Fajry, an immigrant to both France and the US, likens nascent cosmetic industry to a goldrush in which she offers 'the real thing'.
In a country ravaged by five years of war and a determined president to crush the revolt, Dr. Zouhair Lahna was brought to the bedside of Syrian survivors. Whether in Sarmada or Al-Dana, this Moroccan gynecologist of 48 years old residing in France has invested repeatedly in humanitarian missions and provided medical training.
Winner of the Reuters award for best picture of the year 2014, Youssef Boudlal, 49, juggles the glamor of Chanel and horror of war zones. Portrait of a man who navigates between heaven and hell.
She’s now one of the few journalists from Morocco who are active in the Dutch media. Touria Ahayan, managing editor within the SBS, one of the major television networks in the Netherlands, is to be admired for having a 20 -year long career and making it into the closed world of Dutch media.
Noureddine Bellaoui, aka "MagicNoor" made his first appearance before the Moroccan public in 2012, invited by comedian Hassan El Fad in Marrakech laughter festival to present a magic trick in his "halqa".
At 22- year-old, Yousef Taleb wants to revolutionize the tablet segment in the world. Combining two cutting-edge technologies in a single device, this little genius gives us his story.
Souad Elmallem is one of those women who succeeded in what was once a field strictly reserved for men: aeronautics. Chief Representative of Bombardier Aerospace and of Strategy and International Business Development, Africa, Originally from Casablanca, Souad Elmallem has moved to Canada where she settled and started a family.
Mr Rezrazi El Mostafa is seemingly a calm person. Although his resume is out of the ordinary, he has this modesty and restraint inherent to Japanese culture that has managed to combine high-tech and tradition. That of samurais and many Nobel Prize winners. The one that has allowed the country to recover from the first and only nuclear attack in…
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